Mailing list information

Send mail to the 3DEM mailing list

The 3DEM Information page contains all the information you need to manage your account. It is located at The page is divided into 4 sections:

About 3Dem: You can access the 3Dem archives from the link. The archives are available only to subscribers and you must have your password (see below for retrieving your password).

Using 3Dem: provides the address for posting to the list.

Subscribing to 3Dem: This section provides the means for you to subscribe to the 3Dem list.

3dem Subscribers: The subscribers section allows you to:

  • visit the subscriber list
  • unsubscribe
  • get a password reminder
  • change your subscription options


Do not send subscribe/unsubscribe messages to the entire list.

Remember, the list you are subscribing to is called "3DEM".

If you have any inquiries about the mailing list, or to resolve any difficulties, please contact the list administrator, Guy Perkins.